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Guided tours:

April 1st to October 31st

daily (Monday to Sunday)

non-stop 9 - 17 h
last guided tour at 16.15 h

November 1st to März 31st

Monday to Friday

non-stop 9 - 15 h
last guided tour at 14.15 h

Saturday, Sunday and official holiday

non-stop 9 - 15.30 h
last guided tour at 14.45 h

You will have to wait approx. 20 minutes for the start of a new tour.

Duration of complete guided tour through Seegrotte with included boat trip: 45 minutes

The Seegrotte is open all year!

The Seegrotte is the ideal all-wheater destination for the whole family and can be visited in any weather. We are open every day - including saturdays, sundays and holidays.

Visitors with physical disabilities/wheelchair:
The upper floor of the Seegrotte is flat, easy to walk and accessible to wheel chairs.
However, the lower floor (boat ride on the lake) is only accessible via 85 flat, wide steps with handrail. 

Sorry, no dogs allowed in the cave.